Quick & Easy Scalloped Potatoes in the Instant Pot

Scalloped potatoes not from a box? I’d never tried it personally until now. My oldest daughter loves the boxed version so I decided to try making them for her in the Instant Pot and I’m amazed how well they turned out.  I used about 2 pounds of yellow or Yukon potatoes. I love these potatoes….

Filipino Frittata / Omelette with Ground Beef, Mushroom and Broccoli (Instant Pot)

Torta, tortang? I’m still not sure what this is called in Filipino cuisine, but it’s essentially a frittata or omelette usually cooked with ground meat and whatever vegetables you may have on hand. And eggs, of course! My mom used to make this a lot with eggplant, tortang talong, but I’m making it today with…